Waleed Albakry, Director

Waleed AlbakryI am the Director of Planning and Community Development at the City of Shelbyville. In this role, I oversee the physical development of the community through the implementation of zoning regulations and the development of long-range planning programs. This mission is best achieved by fostering public engagement and facilitating the involvement of all the stakeholders in
the community. 

I was born and raised in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Egypt, but I immigrated to Canada to pursue my graduate education. I received a Master degree in Digital Humanities from the University of Alberta, and another Master degree in City Planning from the University of Manitoba. Prior to my move to the Volunteer State, I worked as a city planner for over ten years in three different Canadian provinces (Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario). I enjoy nature, travel, and all things historical.    

I am keen on opening different channels of communication with the city residents so we can work together for the public good of our community. To that end, I hope to see you during the “meet & greet” which will be held every two weeks at the Coffee Break Café on the Historic Square (details for each meet & greet will be posted on this website and on the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts). 

Waleed Albakry

Director of Planning and Community Development


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