Site Plan

Site Plan is a graphic depiction of features on a site such as existing and proposed structures, paved areas, ingress/egress points and landscaped areas along with certain information as required in this Ordinance.

SITE PLAN REQUIRED: Site plans shall be required for review by the Shelbyville Planning Commission for the following:

  1. All commercial development.
  2. All industrial development.
  3. All Planned Unit Developments.
  4. All Multi-Family structures.
  5. All Mobile Home Parks and Recreational Vehicle Areas

The applicant shall submit this Checklist with the Site Plan and associated application.

  1. Name of the development and the street address.
  2. Name and address of the Owner of record.
  3. Name and address of the Developer/Applicant (if other than Owner).
  4. Tax identification number of the subject parcel.
  5. The current zoning of the subject parcel.
  6. Names of the property owners for the adjoining properties.
  7. The current zoning of the adjoining parcels and the parcels across any rights-of-way.
  8. The name, address, signature, registration number and seal of the professional shall be shown on all sheets of the plan.
  9. Are there any special exceptions, variances, or conditional use permit approvals that affect the site? If so, the conditions, identifying number and approval date need to be provided on the plan.
  10. The height of the building in feet.
  11. The intended use of the building.
  12. Building setback lines as required by the Zoning Ordinance.
  13. Parking Calculations:  
    1. Parking requirement formula
    2. Number of required parking spaces
    3. Number of provided parking spaces
    4. Number of required and provided handicap parking spaces.
  1. The parking stalls and drive aisles shall be clearly dimensioned (including handicap spaces and striped areas).
  2. The City standard pavement cross section for drive aisles and parking stalls shall be provided.
  3. Site Statistical data:
    1. Total site area
    2. Developed area
    3. Pre-construction impervious area
    4. Post construction impervious area
  1. Green Area Calculations: Required and Provided
  2. Proposed water and sewer connections.
  3. Existing utilities (location and size)
  4. Location of all fire hydrants.
  5. If the Developed Area is less than the Total Site, is the Developed Area clearly delineated on the site plan?
  6. Are transitional buffers required between zoning districts? If so, are they shown and labeled on the site plan?
  7. Limits of clearing delineated.
  8. Methods of collecting, retaining, directing or disposing of stormwater (including appropriate drainage calculations) shown and provided.
  9. Landscape plan (providing the number, location, size and species of landscaping material) provided

The Site Plan applications can either by approved administratively or by the Planning Commission.
Administrative approval of site plans:

  1. Eligibility: The Planning and Community Development Director may administratively approve site plans for new buildings or additions to existing buildings in multi-family, industrial and commercial zones, provided the following apply:
    1. The square footage of the building(s) is less than 5,000 square feet.
    2. The site plan does not feature a current or proposed use that would require approval by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
         B.  Applications that fall under Administrative Approval authority shall still adhere to the Pre-Planning and Plans 
              Review process as established by the Planning and Community Development Department.

         C.  The Planning and Community Director reserves the right to route projects through the Planning Commission 
               if any situation arises that contradict the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.

PC approval of Site Plans:

All site plan applications that do not meet the criteria for being processed administratively will have to be considered by the Planning Commission. The site plan applications have to adhere to the Planning Commission Meeting Schedule.
The link below provides a breakdown of the site plan process.

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