Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is in a unique position in local government.  It is an advisor to a governing body. It also advises local governmental departments and officials, public agencies, private developers, and other individuals on matters related to the community’s development. The Planning Commission’s position in the structure of local government greatly enhances its ability to carry out this advisory function. It is placed in the middle of the flow of information throughout the community. This central coordination function can be extremely valuable to the community and to its elected and appointed officials.

Plans and proposals from individuals and groups who help develop the community pass through the Planning Commission. However, some projects may be reviewed and approved administratively without being heard by the Planning Commission as a whole.

Warren Landers – Chairmen
Steve Taylor
Joe Paul Moore
Bo Gill
Jean Pruitt
Dawn Gonzales
David McGee, II
Mayor Cartwright
Stephanie Isaacs – Council Representative

Minutes & Agendas
2021 - Agendas & Minutes

04/22/21 April Minutes      
02/25/21 February Minutes      
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