Annexation is the process of adding lands located in the county into the boundaries of the City of Shelbyville. Once annexed, the lands become part of the City and therefore the City extends its municipal services, laws, taxing authority, and voting privileges to the new lands.

All annexation applications must be accompanied by a letter requesting annexation as well as other requirements. The complete list of requirements for annexation applications can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

 Below is the breakdown of the process of annexation by Owner Consent:

  1. Property owner/owners submit a request to the Planning and Community Development Department.
  2. The Planning and Community Development Department prepares an annexation report and submits the request to the City Council. 
  3. The City Council reviews the request and decides to forward the request to the Planning Commission for further review or to not consider this request.
  4. If request is forwarded to the Planning Commission , the Planning Commission will consider the request and make  a recommendation to the City Council regarding the annexation.
  5. Planning Department will prepare 2 resolutions: the first resolution for annexation and the second resolution for plan of services. These resolutions along with the recommendations from the Planning Commission are forwarded to the City Council for first reading.
  6. The resolutions go again to the City Council for public hearing & second reading.
  7. The resolutions will be in effect 15 days after the adoption by the City Council.


  1. Annexation applications do not follow the Planning Commission submittal review calendar as they have to be reviewed first by the City Council .
  2. The steps mentioned above might take anywhere between 45 days to 90 days depending on when the complete application was received.
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