Shelbyville Boards & Commissions

Airport Authority

Chairperson, Jim Henderson
John Wharton
Michael Young
Allen Pitner
Eric Cazort
Council Representative Henry Feldhaus

Beer Board

Wanda Woodlee, Chairperson
Dianne Hastings
Jason Reeves
David Lindsey
Melissa York



Argie Cooper Library

Susan Derryberry
Daryl O’Neal
Lynn Hulan
Brent Canady
Monty Thomas
Al Simmons
Rheatta Wilson
Amy Mitchell
Vicki McCord
Fred Hunt
Missy Eakin
Ben Craig
Alice Russell
Council Representative Kay Rose

Industrial Development Board

David Crowell
Bedford County Mayor Eugene Ray
Jack Coop
Larry Wells
Jo Ann Fann
Wendell Agnew
John Teague III
Randy Vernon
Attorney, Honorable John T. Bobo
Council Representative Thomas Landers


Historical Zoning Commission

Stephanie Crosslin
Lynn Hulan
Dena Landers
Chase Perryman
Garry Simpson
June Taylor
Mayor Cartwright
Council Representative Sam Meek

Shelbyville Housing Authority

Jenni Feldhaus-Chairperson
Aubrey Cawthon-Vice Chair
Herschel Thrasher-Secretary/Treasurer
June Taylor
Alan Gill
Fred Claxton


Board of Construction Appeals

Steven Curtis
Henry Wilhoite
Allen Ptiner
Richard Martin
Justin Spence
Travis Jones-alternate
Sean Roberts-alternate

Bedford  County Joint Economic Development

Chris Brothers
Tracy Vannatta
Bedford County Mayor Eugene Ray
David Crowell
James Schuman
Shelbyville Mayor Wallace Cartwright
Dennis Webb
Ron Stacy
Larry Nee
Wendell Agnew
Jay Johnson, City Manager


Power, Water, & Sewerage

David Crowell, General Manager
Robert Finney, Chairperson
Fred Hunt, Attorney
Tina Prince Executive Assistant
James Darden
Bobby Turnbow
Ervin Miller

Municipal Planning Commission

Warren Landers, Chairperson
Henry Wilhoite
Allen Pitner
John Davis
Steve Taylor
J.R. Warren
Council Representative Jean Pruitt


Board of Zoning Appeals

Mayor Wallace Cartwright
Council Representative William Christie
Ron Tillman
Jamie Williams
Bo Gill

Bedford Railroad Authority

Joe Tillett
Shelbyville Mayor Wallace Cartwright
L. Wayne Bomar
Allen Pinter
Jerry Fox
Bedford County Mayor Eugene Ray
Ron Stacy
Jay Johnson City Manager


Parks & Recreation Board

Scott Coconaugher, Chairperson
Steve Taylor
Rusty Reed|
George Johnson
Jim Overcast
Leta Frame
Robert C. Johnson
Michelle Hastings
Mike Bone
Council Representative Sam Meek

Pension Plan Committee

Councilmember Kay Rose
 Councilmember Henry Feldhaus
 City Treasurer Jamey Owen
 City Recorder Shanna Boyette
 Payroll & Benefits Alicia Holliman
 Police Chief Jan Phillips
 City Manager Jay Johnson

Safety Committee

Chairperson Pam Henry
 Terry Vinson
Aimee Davis
James Milstead
Trey Clanton
 Clayton Dunn
 Gregg Lubbock
 City Recorder Shanna Boyette